Another Small Update to Plex Movie Poster Display

I am sorry, It has been awhile since my last Plex Movie Poster Display update (Might need a new shorter name…). I am working on a newer version however I am struggling to find time to finish it.

Get it on GitHub 

Add Custom Image Top and Bottom Text.
Fix a typo.

If you have any issues or questions please feel free to ask them. I try to answer everyone in a reasonable time.

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  1. Thanks for this Matt, still here following this project. Appreciate every update, especially this request! Hoping to get an easy way to change font sizes in the future. In the meantime, I’ll make the font size changes using Terminal and nano editor. Let me know if you ever need any upgrade suggestions. I just don’t have the knowledge to make it happen. Happy New Year and thanks again.

      1. Not that I have ever noticed. I just use different sizes for different instances. Now Showing bottom text has to be smaller than Coming Soon bottom text due to the amount of text. And for the new Custom Image top and bottom text the size will depend on what is being used on the top and bottom.

  2. Great project!New to raspberry pi, I’m having trouble after installing nginx & php. Git Clone will this put the files in the web server root directory? Trouble with permissions too. Any help would be appreciated. Looking forward to getting this up and running. Possibly email with instructions?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Sorry you are having issue. I need to write up a better installation document, but first I need to order a new Raspberry Pi (Current one is having some kind of power issue…).

      I am currently traveling and won’t be back for a few weeks, but I will try to help.

      Yes, the git clone goes in the web server root directory. My install directory is /usr/share/nginx/html

      What kind of permission issue are you having? My permission are set as follows:
      /usr/share/nginx/html/cache 777
      /usr/share/nginx/html/config.php 777
      Warning: These may not be the most secure…


  3. I tried setting permissions:

    chmod 777 /usr/share/nginx/html/Plex-Movie-Poster-Display/config.php
    chmod: changing permissions of ‘/usr/share/nginx/html/Plex-Movie-Poster-Display/config.php’: Operation not permitted

    Sorry I’m a newbie to terminal.

      1. JEscHT thanks for the link helped me.

        I get https://plexserverip:32400/status/session now.

        Tried running php -f getData.php

        PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function simplexml_load_string() in /var/www/html/Plex-Movie-Poster-Display/getData.php:15
        Stack trace:
        #0 {main}
        thrown in /var/www/html/Plex-Movie-Poster-Display/getData.php on line 15

        Line 15 I think is= $xml = simplexml_load_string($getxml) or die(“feed not loading”);

        Noticed your directory is different than mine. Have I made a mistake.?

        If I load the server page https://ipaddressrpi displays PHP info page. If loading the https://ipaddressrpi/admin.php get 404 not found.

        Something wrong with my PHP config?
        Any help is appreciated.

        1. Sorry I am still out of the country with limited internet access. I think you are missing a php extension. Check your php info and look for SimpleXML. (I think that is correct. That is from memory.)

    1. Thanks Matt (code & help) Thanks JEscht (link & help)

      Got working!!!!!

      Only problem is not refreshing at 30 sec. I have tried changing to 15 sec and changing back to original code 30 sec.

      If I refresh the page with F5 it works.
      If I install xmodulo will this solve problem with F5?
      Thanks again guys

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